He claims that he undergoes a clinical examination every year, since he works in the monitor and there he passed a spermogram in the interest of infections and that the whole is normal with a view him, although I am not sure that these tests are enchanted during medical examination. He is 30 years old, he had a weak erection, not adequate in return intercourse.

Divert utter me, is it being treated and what affable of disease is it? Rejoinder: Hello. The husband's passivity may depend on him - there is some uncertainty in his potency, and that is not solved. But the problem can also come from the trouble: with a view pattern, she behaves in such a spirit that she discourages or frightens off her bridegroom, so he has no desire.

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That is why an COMPLETE consultation of a sexologist is necessary. The save's customary health may be unimportant, because the complication comes "from the control" and not from the assay results. As looking for infections, and especially - spermogram, I also doubt quite much.

Problem: My husband has a rotten depression, he began to behave very much aggressively and cruelly road to me after the wedding. And then it turned out that he had no dearth on going to bed and, as I agreed, he had psychogenic impotence. He is 32 years old. He is rather closed in himself, has fundamentally no friends, does not deliver with women, is not interested in the everyone around him, no matter what, he reads a end, and all the prematurely sits at home base unaccompanied with books.